Lead Vocals & Percussion

Steve came to us from the great North. He is French Canadian. He has participated in all kinds of musical projects. From recording studios to live musicals, he has done it all! Just to list a few, he had radio time for a French single he recorded in Canada (Le dernier jour-1995). He was on a mini tour with his original band “Strange As Angels” after the release of their music compilation ‘All roads lead here”. He did community theater and professional theater in the Kansas City vicinity. From “666-the number of the beast” to “Sweet Caroline”, his vocals are always a crowd pleaser. He joined the band after a major move from Kansas City to Phoenix in 2019. “ I sing and that’s what I do!”

Keep the live music alive!


Bass Guitar  & Vocals

Beginning in the late 70's in Denver Colorado, Ron played with several original projects and enjoyed performing his own music at the local clubs.  In 1979 he joined the top 40 rock cover band Portrait performing through out the western united states and represented by such agencies as AME and Texas-Artist Productions.

After moving to Phoenix in 1982

 Ron was introduced to Marc West when they both started the band Four Play. He later performed in a variety of highly successful bands based out of Phoenix.

 He has also performed on stage with such artists as Chuck Berry and recorded / toured with such artists as Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper Band)

Ron's motto is "Its all about playing good music and having fun!"  


lead guitarist & vocals

Born and raised in Connecticut he began his music career at the age of 13. Attended University of Maine, majoring in music as well as graduating from Musicians Institute of Hollywood.

Billys extensive music career includes performing with Chuck Negron(Three Dog Night), Bobby Kimball  (TOTO), Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees), DennisYost (The Classics IV),The Coasters, The Platters, Little Anthony, as well as many others.

Well versed in many genres, Billy has toured the US and abroad playing rock, country and backing original Artists from the 50s through the 80s. 

His unique guitar solos has gained him much respect and notability in the music community.

MIKE FOPIANO   Drums, Vocals, Percussion

  Mike received a drum set for Christmas in 1984 and it was nonstop playing after that!  He was heavily influenced by Rush, Triumph, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, AC/DC and would play along to the albums until he could tackle all the songs. He listened to the groove drummers were laying down and paid close attention to the placement of drum fills. He quickly learned what it meant to "Play for the song".  

Mike grew up in Massachusetts where he has played in various original and cover bands around the Boston area.  He has shared the stage with some of the local greats and became the "go to guy" for fill in gigs.  

He has recently moved to Arizona with his family to start another chapter of his life and ROCK out Valley style!  




Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion 

Princess took piano lessons at an early age and played in a variety of high school bands.

She was soon known as the school's "Rock Rebel"as she performed at school functions and private parties.

While studying music at GCC, she was also performing with some of the local groups in the Phoenix club circuit.

After taking a break from the music scene.....

.....she is back and ready to ROCK!