PAT LAFERTY  Lead Vocal   Guitar & Percussion

Pat began his singing career in Denver Colorado in the early 80’s where he played with top local bands Z-Roxx, Reactor and Crysis.

In 1986 Pat moved to the Phoenix area where he joined an original band named Impact.

Impact later became Innuendo and enjoyed local fame.   Innuendo’s brand of original power pop could be heard in regular rotation on KUPD’s radio show “Local 98” the band was voted KUPD’s “Best of 98” in 1992. 

In 1996 Pat left Innuendo but during it’s ten year run the band gained a respectable following, had numerous write up’s in local and national magazines, produced two, three song original tapes and two full length CD’s. 

Pat took a break from the music scene for several years after his split with Innuendo but in 2002 returned to sing with the band Losing William. 

In 2009 Pat joined forces with The Backstage Crew, billed as “Arizona’s primier classic rock band”.



RON PARKER Bass Guitar  Vocals & Keyboard

Beginning in the late 70's in Denver Colorado, Ron played with several original projects and enjoyed performing his own music at the local clubs.  In 1979 he joined the top 40 rock cover band Portrait and hit the road.  The band performed through out the western united states and was represented by such agencies as AME and Texas-Artist Productions.

He has also performed on the same national tours as Pat, but just missed him by a few months when he moved from Denver to Phoenix in 1981.  If these two had known each other back then....God help us....It's hard to imagine any stage containing them back then!

 Ron was introduced to Marc West in 1982 when they both started the band Four Play.

After performing in a variety of highly successful bands based out of Phoenix, Ron was introduced to Pat in 2005 when he joined the Losing William band and they have been rocking together ever since!

 He has also performed on stage with such artists as Chuck Berry and recorded with such artists as Michael Bruce

Ron's motto is "Its all about playing good music and having fun!"  

FREDDY ROBINSON  Lead Guitar & Vocals

 ( Fast ) Freddy Robinson is an accomplished lead guitarist -singer / song writer who plays both technically advanced and straight from the heart guitar work.           

     Based out of Phoenix AZ he plays a wide verity of music including Country, Southern Rock, Hard Rock Funk and Blues. 

    In 1983 Freddy co-wrote "Home Late Again”. A song that won  a spot on KDKB’s  “Arizona Sounds” compilation album with the band Rip n Tear. 

   On a national level he co wrote 2 CD’s worth of music with former Fleetwood Mac artist “Bob Welch" and toured the west coast with “ “Bob Welch and Avenue M”.  Freddy recorded “Don’t Stop” with Welch and appears on the 1991 release  “The best of Bob Welch. 

  In may of 1992 Freddy appears in Guitar payer magazine’s spotlight column by Mike Varney. 

    1993 he collaborated with Nadir Depriest together they formed  the band “Temple of Silence”  

MIKE FOPIANO   Drums, Vocals, Percussion

  Mike received a drum set for Christmas in 1984 and it was nonstop playing after that!  He was heavily influenced by Rush, Triumph, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, AC/DC and would play along to the albums until he could tackle all the songs. He listened to the groove drummers were laying down and paid close attention to the placement of drum fills. He quickly learned what it meant to "Play for the song".  

Mike grew up in Massachusetts where he has played in various original and cover bands around the Boston area.  He has shared the stage with some of the local greats and became the "go to guy" for fill in gigs.  

He has recently moved to Arizona with his family to start another chapter of his life and ROCK out Valley style!